Traditional Publishing

Traditional Publishing?

Publish with us!

It’s been a dream for every Debut/ Existing author to get Published Traditionally. Damick Publications, the most transparent publishing house in India is now set to publish your dream book traditionally. Just check out the FAQ’s enlisted below and see your work getting the recognition it deserves.

What should be included in my Proposal?

  • A brief synopsis (one or two page summary of your manuscript).
  • First three chapters of your manuscript.
  • Author’s bio in the third person (comprising your contact details i.e. your mobile number).
  • Concept note explaining your target audience, mentioning the comparative titles available in the market, unique selling point and total word count of your manuscript.
  • Any other supportive document that might sound captivating to us.

Where should I send my Submission?

Mail the proposal to Please do not send CD/ DVD or Printed submissions to us.

What kind of Proposals are Reviewed?

Proposals in English-language Non-Fiction, Fiction (Collection of Short Stories, Novella and Novel), Biographies, Memoirs, Travelogues and Philosophy & Self-help.

Please do not submit works related to Textbooks, Scientific, Medical and Technical books. The proposal related to these categories will not be considered.

What is the assurance that my work will be considered?

Being Traditional in Nature, the kind of Publishing we offer is not for everyone. Therefore, your work should be outstanding and must tempt our editorial board. However, every story will be reviewed with the same dedication and attention.

What’s process of evaluation and how long will it take?

Our editors will evaluate your synopsis and sample chapters. If they find the proposal suitable according to the requirements, they would contact you with the publishing proposal. The Narration, story, accuracy, author profile, marketability, competition and sales potential of the manuscript will play the major role in the selection. However, you are allowed to send the same proposal to any other publisher, but kindly inform us if you do so. If in case your manuscript is accepted by some other publisher please so inform us the same. Kindly do not send us the proposal if you have already submitted it to other publishers for consideration.

When and whom should I contact during the evaluation process?

The analysis of a script takes at least three months. So we would request you to wait for our response. In case you do not receive any email after 90 days of your submission, kindly send us a reminder email asking the status of your proposal. Please do not call/ visit us during the evaluation. In case your proposal is rejected, we are not bound to provide you the reason for the same. Please do not resend the proposal to us once gets rejected.

What are the terms & conditions, royalty, area, number of copies, distribution network, marketing plans, under which my book will be published?

Terms & conditions, royalty, area, number of copies, distribution network and marketing plans are to be decided once your script has been accepted for publication. The publishing proposal will automatically include all the details required by you. Queries related to these at the time of submitting your proposal or during the evaluation process are premature.