The Twisted Feelings

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About the Book

Feelings are conscious recognition, often unreasoned opinion or beliefs inbuilt in us. We are introduced to this planet with this aeronautical suit of emotions or sensitivity, juggling our feelings in innumerable ways.

‘The Twisted Feelings’ is a kaleidoscope which will teleport you to enormous shades of intertwined feelings, transforming each shade into beautiful magnetic stories that has flowed from all over the nation.

Promising authors have come together, offering a fountain of emotions each to get you drenched in. So go forward, drown and discover yourself in these fountains of poems and stories. Be assured that with every writing you will crave for more, as you relate your own life’s experiences with them.

When the whole world goes numb with all the negativities and disappointments of everyday life, give yourself and others, a spark of feelings that’ll help you draw optimism at its best and bring out something new.


Poem Contributors

Akanksha Agarwal, Christina Abraham, Divyesh Parmar, Pakhi Sharma, Preethi Srinivasan, Sasikala and Sonia Dharni Koshy.


Story Contributors

Arushi Dhingra, Biya Jose, Debashrita Manik, Ila, Jasmine Sarkar, Madhura Biswas, Meshach R.S Edwin, Parinita Singh, Preethi Srinivasan, Shahneez Qadir, Sonia Dharni Koshy and Souvik Sengupta.



Title: The Twisted Feelings

ISBN: 978-81-947513-6-6

Format: Paperback

Date of Publication: 28-12-2020

Language: English

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