The Heartfelt Stories

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About the Book

Our soul is the window to light. When the light shines, the soul becomes bright and fills us with a rainbow of emotions. Putting such emotions into words is what a writer lives for.

The Heartfelt Stories is a collection of short stories and poems, put together by various writers across the world. Different emotions, thought-spheres, genres and diverse topics all packed in one makes this book one of its kind. So, come and fill your soul with the heartfelt stories of versatility, adventure and mysteries of life.


Poem Contributors

Arya K S, Astha Sinha, Likhitha Pediredla, Parinita Singh, Rahul Palekar, Sasikala, Shahneez Qadir, Shekhar Dewashish, Shobin M. Rajan, Sonia Dharni Koshy, Swapna Sanchita and Vismaya Vijay.


Story Contributors

Abbie Harris, Abhay Nadkarni, Nivetha Radhakrishnan, Shahneez Qadir and Sonia Dharni Koshy.



Title: The Heartfelt Stories

ISBN: 978-81-947513-0-4

Format: Paperback

Date of Publication: 04-03-2021

Language: English

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