Des Vu

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About the Book

For a long time, poetry has been a personal thing for me, cathartic in its ability to lend voice to my thoughts. However there comes a time in every writer’s life when the need to have one’s work appreciated by others overcomes the reticence of their nature. With this book, I have reached the point where I can let you, the reader, enter. See me. Maybe some of the poems here will resonate with you, and that understanding, that secret “yes, I know what she means”, from a stranger, is what I seek.


About the Poet

Swapna Sanchita writes poetry and stories for children. She has been published in various journals and anthologies. After graduating in Civil Engineering, she went on to pursue a Management degree and has a PGDM from IIM Kozhikode. As the Centre Director of T.I.M.E Ranchi, she is a businesswoman and educator. She lives in Ranchi with her husband and two sons. She loves books, chocolates, and endless cups of tea. You can write to her at



Title: Des Vu

ISBN: 978-81-951760-2-1

Format: Paperback

Date of Publication: 12-06-2021

Language: English

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