You, Only You!

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About the Book

The book ‘You, Only You!’ is a collection of Romantic and Self-help poems.

Self help poems on different situations of our life. It encourages us to embrace our querulous life and also motivate and inspire us to see our life through easy eyes!

Romantic Poems, written by a girl in her exotic poetic way, when she met a guy, after living together they realised their feelings! She is a simple, calm and nervous girl with lot of dreams. He is an audacious, joyful and free-soul with big dreams! He gave her wings to fly, evolved her, taught her, heal her and inspired her to fulfil her dreams. But after sometime, Time played its tragic role. Now she is alone, broken and lost but her eyes never lost her dreams and desires! She continues to write for her own self, keep inspiring, growing herself through her words and mistakes!

This book teaches us about reasons of love, faith in our dreams, to conquer from our deep blue states, happiness – sadness, our life’s decisions and its results; both good and bad!


About the Poet

Hareshwari Sojitra is a graduate in Chemistry. She hails from the diamond city, Surat. Daughter of an engineer who turns into farmer she learns, there is no age of dreaming, you can dream till your last breath! And from proud mummy she learns respect, humbleness and love!

Since her childhood she is a nerdy person, prone to falling for people and sceneries, not found in crowd but almost under the cover of a book! Also, she believes that reading can evolve one’s thoughts, a person can learn from anywhere just he needs to open his eyes!

You can follow her on Instagram @hareshwari_sojitra or send an email to



Title: You, Only You!

ISBN:  9788193836088

Format: Paperback

Date of Publication: 22-06-2019

Language: English

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