What’s Your Story, Stranger?

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About the Book

Sometimes we choose a path but see ourselves walking on another. Unexpectedly we are forced to accept it because destiny is the most uncertain evil of our dreams.

Bani, a young, smart, and a small town yet an ambitious girl carries a charm to tempt anyone towards her. She aims to join Journalism Institute in Delhi at first, but ended up joining the law school as her second choice. Life seemed to be crueler when it took away her father.

Vasu, a good looking, enthusiastic and a brave advocate who never failed to crack even the toxic cases, lost his wife, Meera in some conspiracy and started losing faith in life until he met Bani.

A few months later, as an assistant under Vasu, Bani decided to work upon Meera’s case which co-incidentally brought Bani and Aayan, Bani’s lost love together, again twisting the lives of all three.

Revolving across three cities, the story weaving paralleled lives is an intriguing account of twists and turns.

‘What’s Your Story, Stranger?’ is a refreshing heartfelt tale of faith, hope, determination, friendship and courage. This inspiring love – mystery tale thus redefines our beliefs in life as stories move us and drive us to what we can really become in life despite losses, failures and setbacks.


About the Author

Born in Bagdogra, West Bengal and raised in Ambala Cantt, Haryana, Damini graduated in Laws from Panjab University, Chandigarh. Being a passionate poet, prolific storyteller and eloquent speaker, she aims to touch millions of hearts.

She loves to write blogs, travel and explore the world. She founded an online writing & media publishing platform in 2016 named ‘Literary Fairy Tales’ and has co-founded ‘Damick Publications’, a Delhi based publishing house with an aim to promote writers and their skills. She has co-authored many national and international books.

‘What’s Your Story, Stranger?’ is her debut novel and currently, she is working upon her next story.

A daughter of an Airman and a lady with courage, she is constantly working towards the betterment of society.

Find her on Goodreads and Amazon Author Page. The best way to contact her is through her official Facebook fan page, Twitter, Quora or Instagram  @daminiaggarwal6 or E-mail her at

Read her interviews here: My Story InterviewKalaage InterviewPU Mirror Interview



Title: What’s Your Story, Stranger?

ISBN: 978-81-936246-2-3

Format: Paperback

Date of Publication: 14-02-2018

Language: English

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6 reviews for What’s Your Story, Stranger?

  1. Muralikrishna Pattathil

    I am eagerly awaiting to get an author-signed copy of Ms. Damini Aggarwal’s debut novel. From the preview, all that I can say is that it is a magnum opus from Ms. Damini. Hoping to have a nice time reading it.

  2. Abhishek choudhary

    I am waiting for a lovely novel written by a lovely author… the title of the book is awesome… I love these types of books as I could relate it to my life. I feel it’s a book written for me… and everyone else too can relate to it… thank u Damini 😍😍

  3. SANJAY KUMAR PAIKARAY (verified owner)

    This book is full of emotions… mysterious…and… adventurous… when I started reading this novel, I couldn’t control my tears… this book taught me a lot of things… thank you so much ma’am for this awesome novel…😊

  4. Sree Hari Baadshah (verified owner)

    What a story… Addicted to your book Stranger, Reading for the second time and feeling the emotions of the characters much more… The first thing i remember this morning is Few lines in the book which connected me like anything… Keep Rocking…

  5. pabitra

    This is too good novel…. Your writing skill is amazing damini….after long time I had read this type of novel….I am sure you will be Indians most selling author some years later keep it up…. Although the novel is awesome….

  6. Komal Daheriya

    Wonderful, Amazing Novel, complete reference. True Friendship, sweet love story, daughter & father beautiful Relationship , explain to many stage of Life. so lovely Novel.. Thank You so Much Respected #DAMINI_AGGARWAL Mam for The #Whats_your_Story_STRANGER?

    I am waiting for second Novel.☺️?
    Thanks Mam… ☺️

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