Until he was Eighteen

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About the Book

Until he was Eighteen, is a book about experiences of a 16 year old boy named Ayaz. This book is about challenges, school time love, betrayal, heartbreak, loneliness and many other issues which are experienced without being expected actually. Life serves surprises in our plate, because of which, at times we take a wrong turn or worse decisions in our life and when time gives us a tight slap, we get back to the reality and struggle to keep our life again on track which is the biggest challenge for the new generation. The book carries the author’s feelings elaborated with his emotions.


About the Author

Amaan was born in Uttar Pradesh in a well-educated and business oriented family, He is 16 years old and a student of Class – XI. Amaan wants to be a psychiatrist cum Motivational speaker to guide the next generation about life by sharing his experiences. He loves to travel alone to explore the different places and people. You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter @mohommadamaan or on Instagram @mohommadamaan_.



Title: Until he was Eighteen

ISBN: 978-81-941775-6-2

Format: Paperback

Date of Publication: 26-12-2019

Language: English

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  1. SHahzeb

    Very good book And the title is Outstanding.Osm Publication
    Writer has extended the situation very well.

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