The Living Secret

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About the Book

It is just a fantasy fiction, during those years, 1970s, 1980s an Asian family coming from conservative, naïve, strictly by religion, tradition and status tells a story of what’s the perspective of a brother-in-law’s journey into infidelity and redemption. Three people who are bonded with temptation, honest love between the naïve sister-in-law and beleaguered wife.

Every family has that one screw up, every relationship has a past, every once in a while, they’re the same thing. The fun part is nobody in the family knows what’s happening behind those closed doors.

Gloria Harris, who has always been in her sister’s shadow, and is comfortable with her quiet, predictable life.

Gina Harris tries her hardest living in denial. She had a lot of things planned for her life and Gloria’s.

“When your perfect life suddenly breaks down, it’s wrecked”. says Adam Ahmed.

When that close someone is a sister, then that’s definitely gruesome.

But when all this happens, at once, to Adam, all he could say is that it turned him quintessential life, “The Living Secret”. He proposed to her everyday and told her he’d never let her go.

Sentimental, sensitive musically, classic love story set in the world of the middle-class family.


About the Author

Fizza is Singaporean breed, that allows her to speak multi-lingual languages. She is a Human Resource Specialist at United Emirates of Arab and Singapore. Qualified psychologist and a freelance writer with the local publisher in Singapore and Indonesia.

She has also written short stories for various Anthologies. When she is not writing, she cooks food that caters to busy working adults. And she travels the world to beat around culture-vulture and learning basic foreign languages is her biggest interest. Know more about her at



Title: The Living Secret

ISBN:  978-81-938360-7-1

Format: Paperback

Date of Publication: 20-06-2019

Language: English

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