Spectacles and Weed

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About the Book

‘Spectacles and Weed’ is a story revolving around Love, Friendship and Pain.

When Breya cannot escape the haunting memories of her only love, she decides to start a new life at an altogether different place.

As misfortune finds its way into Breya’s life once again, she takes refuge in her friendship with Seb, who is surrounded by the same vacuum as her.

Breya is shut-in, emotional and anchored, while Seb is wild, detached and volatile.

But when it comes to falling in love, do opposites always attract?


About the Author

Stuti Saria is a 17-year-old author who is based in Delhi. She is a student in GD Goenka Public School and aspires to study in an Ivy League college. Besides a love for the English language, she also has an entrepreneurial zeal in herself. She’s always up for facing the challenges that life offers her and has never been moved by others’ opinions of her. She believes in ‘soul over appearances’ and would be found absorbed in a novel during her free time. Stuti derives a significant proportion of her happiness from travelling and exploring new places. From writing a note for someone to handling team based projects, she puts her best efforts into everything. According to her, one should be ‘a flower that blooms in all weathers’.



Title: Spectacles and Weed

ISBN: 978-81-941775-1-7

Format: Paperback

Date of Publication: 19-09-2019

Language: English

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