Memoirs of teenage

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About the Book

Teenage is the most colourful phase of our life. Enchanting yet somewhere breaking us apart, making us realize that we would have to leave our carefree life behind. We pack those anecdotes somewhere in the closed rack, deep within our hearts to step up towards a matured life. Memoirs of Teenage —A compilation of those teenage tales woven into 30 poetries as well as 12 narratives, which are somewhere alive within each one of our growing self. This book is majorly forged to take you back into the world of fancies, fairy tales, or perhaps your unaltered mistakes and memories. So, flip through these reminiscences via pen of our prolific writers to give those forgotten life, a recall.


Poem Contributors

Akshay Govardhan, Arundhati Joshi, Arun Kumar Kushwaha, Ashish Bisht, Deepa Lakshmi Ramesh, Dhruvi Shah, Gulzar Choudhury, Heena Patel, Joysree Das, Monika Vijay, Prapti Vaidya, Prathamesh Soni, Shreyas Adhikari, Shruti Fadte, Sonam Dicky, Surabhi Pandey, Vaishnavi Mohan, Vikash Roshan, Vishnu Moulish, Vrinda Shah.


Story Contributors

Arundhati Joshi, Baishali Deb, Biswarupa Purkayastha, Manoj Tigga, Mitul Prajapati, Navneet Prajapati, Premanjan Pradhan, Sarthak Paliwal, Somya Sephalika Mohanty, Sonal Pokharna Nahar, Sunny Gopal, Thashneem Sunil.



Title: Memoirs of teenage

ISBN: 978-81-933123-4-6

Format: Paperback

Date of Publication: 11-08-2017

Language: English

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