Living a Life Worth Living

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About the Book

We always wonder how we can live worth life. There is always strong desire in our mind to live fully and worthily. In this book the author has tried to derive 31 life lessons which can give you the idea about how one can live worth life.

Lessons mentioned in this book are very easy to follow and solve our complexities. Readers can live joyful, passionate and easy life by applying the lessons concluded from holy books and real-life researches.


About the Author

Piyush Dholariya is a PhD candidate of Psychology who is pursuing research on subjective well being with respect to spirituality and personality. He is an individual researcher who has published some research papers on the well-being of professionals about how one can change his viewpoint to live a better life. He is a public speaker and blogger who is writing for self-help techniques with the major topics of spirituality and meditation.

You can follow the author on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn @piyush.dholariya or on twitter @PiyusDholariya. Website of the author is Readers can also connect with him through email at



Title: Living a Life Worth Living

ISBN: 978-81-946843-9-8

Format: Paperback

Date of Publication: 23-08-2020

Language: English

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