Fate of My Faith

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About the Book

“Her life will bear a message of peace and her death will be a symbol of everlasting love”

This is a story of little stories.

It is woven around the tales of Bhanumati, Ritika and Suman, the changing experiences of their lives and the many births, deaths, marriages, and separations that shape their daily struggle to survive this whirlpool of existence.

Though parallel, watch how all of them join hands and come together to unite and transcend beyond their ordinary irregularities to form a bond of love stronger than life itself.

Follow Nisha Yadav on her journey as she strives to discover the intrinsic meaning behind the force of all life and finds a way to answer the larger question: Does love have the greatest hold on our existence? Can it truly change the course of human life?


About the Author

Nisha Yadav hails from Mahendergarh, Haryana. She completed her senior secondary education from RPS Sr. Sec. School, Mahendergarh.

Fate of My Faith is Nisha’s debut novel. This is her first step towards creating a loyal readership for her books. She aims to capture hearts and minds with her distinctive creative vision and candid narration.

She enjoys reading and writing poetry in free verse. She has also cultivated an earnest love for painting and travelling over the years. Nisha is a keen observer of the quirks of daily society and its people. She believes that it is there that she finds the inspiration for her stories.

You can follow her on her Facebook and Instagram: @authornishayadav.



Title: Fate of My Faith

ISBN: 978-81-933123-6-0

Format: Paperback

Date of Publication: 21-09-2017

Language: English

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17 reviews for Fate of My Faith

  1. Muralikrishna Pattathil

    Read the lovely preview. Hoping it would be a fantastic experience reading the book. I am going to order the book soon. Nisha Yadav is a creative genius.All the very best to this budding author. May God bless her with abundance.

  2. Manisha

    Would have never guess, kept me on my toes and wanting to read more just to know what. Read in 2 days.Just so I would know what happened …..👌👌😍😍

  3. Ravina

    This book made me sad near the end but I loved it so much❤️❤️😍😍

  4. Rudra Choudhary

    You know that book everyone’s talking about, ignore it, u don’t follow d crowd, read this one, be different nd be d only one😉🤗❤️…..
    Really loved it👌

  5. Neerja

    Fate of my faith is one of the best books i have ever read. Overwhelming. Simply Suman and Ritika’s character touched my heart and Bhanumati aunty inspired me a lot. Thanks for giving this book. 👍

  6. Priya Dagar

    I don’t know from where should i start. The way she has told this story is excellent. Suman’s character is strong among all other characters. such type of love stories are hard to find but as the whole concept is new as i felt after reading this story. Its a story of hope. Worth reading. You’ll love it!

  7. Neha

    Just one word: Amazing! Simple story. New concept. Good literature. I can feel the story happening around me. Susan is such an inspiration for me. I cried a lot for rohit and Suman. Loads of love Nisha keep it up!

  8. Karuna

    Good story. I have never imagined that a handicap girl can have this type of love story. Huh, sounding so wrong na.Isn’t it? Well now i don’t think so. So emotional. You made me cry Suman. You made me smile Suman. Bhanumati’s Character is a strong character. Nisha knows how to indulge her readers from the very first page. God bless you Nisha.

  9. Nimil

    #Fate of my faith…Title was enough to catch my attention moreover story is just a cake for me. I’m in love with this book. It gulped me in from the very first page. Worth reading who believe in love.

  10. khushi

    I’m just speechless.well, its quite undigestable that you wrote this story at the age of 19. Gosh! It seems to be written with an experience of 30+. Heart touching. Literally you made cry and your literature style made me happy. Seems a bright future of our literature. No shittt stuff.worth reading!!! Eagerly waiting for your next book.

  11. Shalu

    Fate of my faith’s story is as impressive as its title. Loved it! Worth buying and reding. I enjoyed it!

  12. Khyati

    You did it! Congratulations! This was ny first novel because you are writer of this novel Nisha and you know what you made me a voracious reader. After reading your book, i have completed reading two books in a week of shobha de and arundhati roy. I never knew good literature can be this much intresting and the credit goes to you! Waiting for your next book

  13. Muralikrishna Pattathil

    The book is truly a gem of a book. I have just begun reading it. I will post a detailed review after I finish reading it. Nisha is a creative genius. Keep going Nisha. All the very best to you in all your future endeavors.

  14. Preeti

    #Fateofmyfaith have now become one of my favourite books. It touched my soul with a feeling of pain; like that woman who loved her husband endlessly. Suman is such a inspirational character for me. Good job! Well done!! Waiting for your further books!!!

  15. Disha Jain

    The way you plot it is very nyc… Every chapter makes me more curious about the next one…. Its good.. Keep going…

  16. Nikita

    Fate of my faith is absolutely one of deep novels having some moral and ethical values. The most touchable part was when a fifteen year old girl raises questions when she saw discrimination or other different things. Somewhere I was able to connect myself with the story. Suman is an inspirational character. Strong base with a perfect storyline. Good luck!

  17. padam Bhandari

    I ll give More then 6 stars review for this Kinds genuineness Person who’s brings Real story of ours society ,village,A hom.
    When i got finished this note I realised U hv leaf out my Own hearted words .Which are really Heart tuching.
    i don’t know About Other people opinion how & wTt they think about lady and especially oldages and Who’s are phycilly challeng but i due repest a lot empathy sbout them.
    Hsts off to u Dear.Writer U hv Shown us such Real Things ,U made my eyes opened.
    I”m Trully waiting for u r next one as like ad to this.
    great work u hv done.
    i”m Gratitude of urs

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