By You For You

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About the Book

God has given us life and he fills our life with abundance. Abundance in every form whether it is His love, hatred, forgiveness, revenge and most importantly his healings. This book is a mental journey from what we were, what we are going through and what we have become after handling endless bearings of this world. This book is a light on the fact that whatever happens, happens for a reason and we all ought to go with the flow.

It shows the path to save ourselves from being a victim. It is a realization towards the end that the good and bad are all momentary and we must bear them with calmness.

The book would guide us to live life without the element of criticism.


About the Author

Born in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh raised amongst joyous and consensual family, Ankitaa Gupta is a lover of books and have developed the love for writing gradually with reading and experiencing a hyper coaster ride. She is born with a silver spoon and has always been the most lovable child in the family. Her grandmother is a spiritual persona and she has imbibed these qualities from her which taught her to be strong in all struggles of life. She is an Omnist and views life with spirituality and positivity. Married at an early age, she has made the best out of every situation. She is blessed with two beautiful kids and her life is an exhilarating journey with them.



Title: By You For You

ISBN: 978-81-938360-6-4

Format: Paperback

Date of Publication: 26-05-2019

Language: English

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1 review for By You For You

  1. Mohit Gupta

    A Great Read for Motivation & Peacefulness!! Just WOW!!!!

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