Beauty of Serendipity

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About the Book

The book ‘Beauty of Serendipity’ is the journey the poet took through the dilemmas unpredicted that the universe brought about.

This consists of the first hidden talent brought out by the fear of losing an individual weaved into with wordplay as sonnets written in archaic literature as well as poetry that resonates with each being.

From the journey started as a love-struck Romeo isolating the self to work on his creativity to the drastic recognition of the loved ones lost and finding a reason to a deal with the departure of a close friend and family to seek out on a spiritual path then having fallen into the destructiveness of self impositions.


About the Author

Shreyas Mohandas having been an undergraduate has undertaken his teenage love for English literature and has been able to channel his grief, pain and blissfulness of just being.

Even though a deep thinker who never let out his thoughts to another was surprised by his first self-expression as on July 16th 2016. Having meditated and been under the grace of his Guru Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev has he truly understood words did empower and bring subtle meaning to each moment to have been expressed.

Having had a relentless passion keeping him up from four and a half years until the book was completed being empowered and motivated by close friends and family who always supported his dream has now become reality.

You can follow him on Instagram @psykoski or @shreyas_psy and Facebook @BeautyOfSerendipity. You can also mail him at



Title: Beauty of Serendipity

ISBN: 978-81-947513-5-9

Format: Paperback

Date of Publication: 01-12-2020

Language: English

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